We feel it is our responsibility to keep the individuals we serve and their families informed about what happens “behind the scenes” at Developmental Pathways. We intend to be fully transparent when it comes to funding and the surveys and audits we complete, both internally and externally, including information about how the families we serve report on the quality of services and supports they receive.

Surveys and Audits

Developmental Pathways is subject to nearly 100 audits and surveys each year. Many of these audits and surveys are conducted by outside parties (such as Health Care Policy and Financing/The Division of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities), but we also conduct a number of surveys in-house to the individuals and families we serve to ensure we are proving excellent services and supports in each of the programs we offer.

Senate Bill 38

During the 2016 Legislative Session, legislators sought to pass bills that included measures to improve transparency of Community Centered Board(CCB) practices, including making CCBs subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). After a significant amount of negotiation between CCBs, legislators, and external stakeholders, the final version of SB16-038 that passed included:

  1. A requirement to undergo a system-wide performance audit as well as audits at the discretion of the Office of the State Auditor (OSA)
  2. The application of the Local Government Audit Law
  3. A variety of transparency requirements for CCB Boards of Directors (BODs), among other requirements.

To read the full bill, click here.

Quality Assurance Department

We care deeply about the quality of services and supports we provide; so much in fact, that we have an entire department dedicated to assisting us with tracking, reporting, research, and data analysis.

This small, but invaluable team ensures we meet every federal, state, and local requirement associated with being a Community Centered Board. The Quality Assurance team works in partnership with not only the departments of Developmental Pathways (Early Intervention, Community Outreach, Case Management, etc.) but also with community partners such as Colorado State staff, advocacy organizations, and providers to help improve the quality of services and supports to individuals and families.

Specifically,they conduct internal and external surveys and audits of the work completed by our agency, including our annual Case Management Customer Satisfaction Survey. They conduct periodic reviews of our database to ensure that data integrity is maintained. Our Quality Assurance department ensures that our processes and procedures are as efficient and accurate as possible, and align with rules, regulations, waiver definitions, and our contractual obligations.

Financial Reports & Contracts

Below you’ll find information regarding our finances, county mill levy reporting, and state contracts. If you’d like more general information about where Developmental Pathways funding comes and goes, check out our funding infographic, complete with the most frequently asked questions about funding.

Financial Audits

2016 – Annual Audited Financial Statement

2015 – Annual Audited Financial Statement

2014 – Annual Audited Financial Statement

Mill Levy Reports

2015 – Mill Levy Report

2014 – Mill Levy Report

2013 – Mill Levy Report Part 1


2015 – Annual 990 Tax Return

2014 – Annual 990 Tax Return

2013 – Annual 990 Tax Return


CCB 3-Way Contract Language

FY2017 – Early Intervention State Contact

FY2017 – DIDD Contract

FY2015 – DIDD Contract

FY2017 – CWA Contract

FY2016 – CWA Contract

FY2017 – CCB  Designation Contract

RFP Reports

Every fiscal year, Developmental Pathways conducts an analysis of the Requests for Proposal (RFPs) that were sent out that year.  RFPs are sent on behalf of individuals in services who are seeking new providers; these analyses provide us with information about where we encounter issues of provider capacity and other difficulties in placing individuals with providers.

2016 Fiscal Year RFP Report

2015 Fiscal Year RFP Report

2014 Fiscal Year RFP Report